2020 Catalyst to the Capitol Application

Catalyst Miami is accepting applications for our annual Catalyst to the Capitol (C2C) trip to Tallahassee (formerly known as the Community Delegation to Tallahassee). This 3 day bus trip includes: travel to and from Tallahassee, hotel, and meals. Fellows will also have access to in-person meetings and social events with elected officials, group activities, and an opportunity to sharpen your advocacy skills. Training and support will be provided to Fellows before and during the trip.

Being a C2C Fellow provides an opportunity to advocate on behalf of yourself, your family, and your community. This experience also provides space to interact with government officials in Miami and Tallahassee, joining a network of activists and committed community leaders with shared interest in improving the well being of Miami-Dade residents.

Each Fellow is required to pay a refundable Participant Fee based on the date of registration*.


1. Pay a $50 deposit until November 15th, 2019.

2. Pay a $75 deposit after November 15th, 2019.

*Deposit will be not be refunded if registrants do not attend the C2C trip.
I understand that all fellows are required to attend three mandatory training sessions, (or two trainings and one local action), and pay a refundable deposit of $75 ($50 if paid before November 15, 2019) in order to attend the Tallahassee trip from February 4, 2020 to February 6, 2020. *
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1. Have you ever participated in any Catalyst Miami trip to Tallahassee? If so, when? *
2. Have you ever participated in any Catalyst Miami programs or services? If so, please tell us which one and when? *
3. What policy issues are you interested in (i.e. affordable housing, healthcarclimate change, etc.)?
4. Have you participated in policy advocacy and/or direct actions in the past (i.e. town halls meetings, canvassing, rally, marches, calls to legislators, letters to legislators, etc.)? If yes, please tell us more.
5. Why would you like to represent your community in Tallahassee during this legislative session?
6. Please use the area below to describe any specific accommodations that you will require in order to take part in this trip. Be advised that this is a physically demanding trip, which includes extended periods of walking/standing and the use of steps in order to enter or exit the charter bus used for transportation. *
7. Do you have any allergies and/or medical conditions we should know about (i.e. allergies: food, insects, medicine; medical conditions: diabetes, asthma, etc.)?
Catalyst Miami's programs and services aim to prioritize those with an income that falls at or below the chart below. Given your family size, does your income fall at or below the amount on the chart below? Your answer to this question will not guarantee or prevent your participation in our leadership programming.
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