EoI: NanoFASE Stakeholder Consultation 5/2018
Hands-on Exposure Assessment with NanoFASE - "Fate and Exposure Models for You"

If you're coming to SETAC Rome, would you like to join our Stakeholder Consultation with Industry, Regulators, Researchers? EXPRESS YOUR INTEREST by filling out this form.

Get an early and detailed view of our Exposure Assessment Framework integrating state of the art modelling and experimental approaches. Small group tests of the Framework will directly influence its scope, presentation and interface.

We plan a 2-hour late afternoon session with refreshments in the SETAC meeting complex, probably Monday 14 or Tuesday 15 May 2018.
Registration will open and invitations will go out in mid-January 2018.

To go in depth with the materials and to listen to you, participation will be limited to approx. 21 persons

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