What do you enjoy about adult furry content?
How well do each of the following phrases describe you? *
This does not describe me.
No strong opinion.
This describes me a little.
This describes me very well.
I like that adult furry content is often progressive, open-minded, and sex-positive.
I am attracted to characters that are exotic and unusual in appearance / behavior.
I am attracted to artistic/fictional depictions of sex, because they feel more genuine/expressive than "normal" pornography.
I am attracted to fetishes that cannot happen in reality (because they're impossible or dangerous), so I turn to art / fiction.
I have a fetish that isn't inherently furry (like pet play or zoophilia), but shares some common ground with the furry community.
I specifically like the way fursuits look and feel during sex.
I am aroused and uninhibited by the anonymity I have while roleplaying online or having sex in a fursuit.
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