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Complete this form to indicate your interest in career volunteer opportunities for the Spring of 2018. The CEO may reach out, based on your expressed interests, to invite you to volunteer for upcoming events and programming (filling out the form does not guarantee your participation but begins the selection process). Volunteers for specific events will be contacted prior to each event by the CEO. Thanks for your interest in helping Goucher students! We appreciate your interest!

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Gopher Treks: Baltimore/Washington area (year round)
Gopher Treks are trips to the offices, labs, performing spaces, and any and all locations where Goucher parents and alumni work. Gopher Treks usually last about 60 minutes, include a tour of the workspace, a story from the volunteer about how they got from college to their current position, and a Q&A with students. If you have a workplace students can visit, and would be interested in fielding questions from students about your industry and career, please indicate your organization and general location in the "Other" section below. (60 minute commitment)
Facebook Live Guest (monthly, year round)
Facebook Live interviews are a way for volunteers to share their backgrounds and tell their career story to a larger audience. Facebook Live interviews take about 30 minutes total, and the interview portion usually lasts for about 15 minutes. This is a great way to share a career story, give advice, talk about best practices in your field, offer tips, and have a fun, informal conversation with the entire Goucher community. Facebook live interviews can take place on or off campus. (30 minute commitment)
Career Model (year round)
Career Models are volunteers who can speak about their position in a quick and friendly way. Career Models describe their role, what an average day might look like, their industry, how they got to their current position, their majors/minors, or a combination of any or all of those. Career Models record themselves using their phone or computer and then send the recording to the CEO to be profiled on the CEO website. Ideally recordings should be about a minute, but no more than three minutes. Students can view Career Model profiles whenever they have questions about getting into different fields or industries. (1-3 minute commitment)
Mock Interviewer (year round)
Mock Interviewers meet with students to practice interview skills. Mock Interviewers will be given sample questions and an opportunity to interview students for about 15 minutes, with another 15 minutes to share feedback and answer questions. Mock Interview sessions range from 30 minutes (one student interviews) to two hours (four student interviews). Volunteers can participate on campus or via phone. (30 minute to 2 hour commitment)
Coffee Chat volunteer (Friday Mornings, year round)
Coffee Chats are an informal event to connect with students over coffee. Students come and go as their schedule allows and drop in to ask questions about life after Goucher, career choices, class selections, living in the working world, and everything in between. The CEO covers the cost of coffee, and volunteers should set aside an hour or two to answer questions in person on Goucher's campus. (2 hour commitment)
Afternoon Tea volunteer (Tuesday Afternoons, year round)
Afternoon Teas are like Coffee Chats as they are still an informal event to connect with students over hot beverages. However, Afternoon Teas are more topic focused, and allow students the chance to ask focused questions on issues such as Grad School, interview skills, workplace culture, achieving work/life balance, etc. Students still come and go as their schedule allows and the CEO covers the cost of tea. Volunteers should set aside an hour or two to answer questions in person on Goucher's campus. (2 hour commitment)
Academic Panelist (as needed, year round)
Academic panels are organized at the request of academic departments and their faculty. Academic panels usually last about an hour, and feature guided questions from a moderator, and a question and answer session with students. Panels typically focus on the link between the academic world and the world of work. Panels are hosted on campus. (60 to 90 minute commitment)
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