I am interested in learning more about Heartland's 90-Day Free Payroll Offer!
1. There are truly no hidden costs or fees. Everything is disclosed upfront and clear as day. We are transparent - as we always have been.

2. Our promotion runs 3 months (90 days) vs. a typical 2-month promotion at other payroll providers.

3. Does not restrict the number of minimum employees, unlike other promotions. Other promotions state that you must have a min # of EEs on payroll. Our promotion has no min EE requirement.

4. Does not exclude referrals from our valued partners such as CPAs and Insurance Brokers. Again-if you look at the fine print on other offers it clearly states the promotion is not valid for CPAs and formal partners. (Would you like to discuss Partnering with Heartland?)

5. If the client signs a 3-year agreement, we will not raise their fees within their 3 year payroll agreement vs. our competitors who will raise prices annually, sometimes twice per year.

6. Our promotion is truly FREE (No Cost) payroll processing, where we will block the payroll billing and not charge the client. If you look at other promotions in the market, they will typically credit an eligible Client’s three months of free payroll.

7. Terms and conditions apply.
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