Plastic Bag Ban in Charlotte, NC: Stop the use of plastic bags
Easy and necessary step to protect the fragile environments around Charlotte, North Carolina, and so much more.

Mayor Anthony Foxx, Mayor of the city of Charlotte, NC
John Autry, Environmental Chair, Charlotte City Council
The goal of this petition is simple, to start a ban on single use plastic bags within the city of Charlotte, NC. We are asking our city government, the Mayor and city council members, to consider starting a plastic bag ban, as so many other cities across the US have done.
Plastic bags are no longer cost effective, as they have proven to be more damaging than good. They require huge amount of precious resources to make, transport, and then, very rarely recycle. It is known that approximately 380 billion plastic bags are used in the United States every year. That is more than 1,200 bags per US resident, per year. It requires an estimated 12 million barrels of oil to make that many plastic bags. And only 1% to 2% of plastic bags in the USA end up being recycled. These bags fill the landfills and clog the ecosystems that surround our city, including rivers, and lakes, and eventually the oceans. The state of North Carolina depends on the preservation these ecosystems, and needs to take actions any way possible to reduce waste.
The request of this petition is simple, please put a stop to single use plastic bags in Charlotte, NC. Please reduce now, start a plastic bag ban.

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