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Use this form to submit your ebook for an eBook Discovery Exclusive Special Offer. Price is $39.00. If you have a coupon code, please enter it at the end of this form.

***PLEASE NOTE: You do NOT need a Google account/g-mail account to submit this form. If you need assistance, please contact us at info@ebookdiscovery.com***

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Promotion Includes:
 *** For eBooks Priced OR Sale-Priced at 99c or FREE   ***   New Release Titles & Boxsets Welcome ***

     1) A Special Offer eZine -- exclusively featuring your book in it's own exclusive eZine -- emailed to 1000s of readers who avidly read your book's genre/category.

Then, beginning on the promotion date, your book receives:

     2) Up to 5 days of top-billing promotion on our homepage, ebookdiscovery.com

     3) Up to 5 days of Twitter promotion at www.twitter.com/ebookdiscovery (81K followers)

     3) Up to 5 days of Facebook promotion at www.facebook.com/ebookdiscovery (reaches 56K followers)

For best results, we recommend your book remains at the sale-price for 5 days after the eZine date. However, at minimum we require your book to be on-sale for a FULL 24 hours, according to the EST (UTC - 4/5) time zone. Promotion on our social media pages and website will last for the duration of the sale, or up to five days.

If we determine your book fits into two reader categories (ie: Romance: Paranormal and Romance: Fantasy) we will email your book's Special Offer to both reader categories at NO additional charge.

What does a Special Offer look like? Visit https://ebookdiscovery.com/ and click on the books under "Flash Sales: Single eBook Special Offers"
eBook Requirements:
 1) Must have a professional-looking cover.
 2) We prefer if your book has at least a 3.8 average star rating at Amazon.com (if not a New Release)

Please Note:
If your book is selected for a Special Offer, we will contact you with your book's promotion date and send you an invoice via Paypal. Upon invoice payment, your book will be scheduled.

Proper and timely pricing of your book is your responsibility. No refunds will be given if the book is not at the sale-price by 6:00 AM EST the morning of your promotion. For best results, the book should remain at the sale-price for 5 days after the promotion date.

eBook Discovery does not accept poetry, children's books, erotica, or nonfiction. All eBook Discovery decisions are final.

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*** Properly pricing your book is your responsibility. NO REFUNDS will be given if the book is not at the agreed upon sale-price by 6:00 AM EST on the agreed-upon date of your promotion ***
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Thank you for submitting your book to eBook Discovery for a Special Offer.

We will review your information and contact you within two business days at the e-mail address you provided with your promotion date. We will also send you an invoice via PayPal.

Thank you for choosing to promote your book with eBook Discovery!
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