St. Peter Catholic School 2022-2023 Application for Admission
St. Peter School admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin.

This form must be completed during a single session. You cannot save your responses and return to complete the application.

Please PRINT a copy of this completed application to submit with the required documents listed below to St. Peter School. TO PRINT: please RIGHT CLICK and PRINT before you submit the application electronically. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PRINT THE APPLICATION AFTER IT IS SUBMITTED.

A list of required documents is shown below. Applications cannot be reviewed until all required documents are received. Please contact Tanya Montour, Admissions, at 985-892-1831 x3032 or with any questions.

Copies of the supporting documents need to accompany the PRINTED application:

1. Birth Certificate
2. Immunization Records
3. Social Security Card
4. Catholic Baptismal Certificate & Catholic First Communion Certificate (if applicable)
5. Report cards from the past two years (if applicable)
6. Standardized Test Scores
7. Record release form for 1st-7th grade applicants (under the Admissions tab at
8. Parish Support & Activity Form WITH PARISH SEAL (under the Admissions tab at

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, February 4, 2022

***Please return the printed application with the supporting documents to the St. Peter Catholic School Office, 130 E. Temperance Street, Covington, Louisiana 70433.***
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Last Name of Applicant: *
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Nickname: Is there a nickname that you would like the applicant to go by at school?
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If applying for the Key Cottage 3 year old class, how many days would you like to attend?  
Please choose: 5 days (M-F), 3 days (MWF) or 2 days (TTH).
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Does the applicant have siblings who currently attend St. Peter Catholic School? *
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What Catholic Church Parish is the applicant's family registered in? *
Has the applicant been baptized in the Catholic Church? *
For 3rd - 7th Grade Applicants Only: Has the applicant received the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion?
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Parent/Family Information
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Why do you want the applicant to attend St. Peter Catholic School? *
In what capacity would you be interested in volunteering at St. Peter Catholic School to further our mission. *
Please list the full name, address and phone number of the party responsible for tuition and incidental billing. *
This name must be reflected on the bank account information that will used to set up your FACTS Tuition Management account.
For Separated or Divorced Families - Are there any legal restrictions regarding access by the non-custodial parent?
For Separated or Divorced Families - Please input the name of the second parent as you want it to appear in our family directory.
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