LonePack Digital Letters - 2019
LonePack Letters was started in 2017 with a purposeful aim of encouraging people to become more vocal in their support for mental health issues.  Open, candid dialogue about mental health issues is the need of the hour and LonePack Letters intends to make that happen. As part of the campaign, people are encouraged to write handwritten letters or Digital letters that would bring a smile to the people reading them. We collect these letters and after vetting them, place them at various public spaces in the cities for unsuspecting people to pick up and read. The envelopes contain a note highlighting the widespread prevalence of mental health issues and how a small act of kindness can go a long way.

LonePack Letters is back in Christmas 2019 to spread some festive joy while driving conversation around mental health.

All we're trying to do is bring a smile onto the face of a stranger. We would love it if you could take a few extra minutes to write at least 7-10 sentences for us! :)
Kindly avoid mentioning sensitive information like your address, email ID, phone number, etc

You can also scan and send us your responses, in the form of handwritten letters, sketches, etc from you and your family/friends at engage@lonepack.org

Feel free to reach out to us at engage@lonepack.org Or www.facebook.com/lonepack in case of any questions. To know more about the campaign visit https://lonepack.org/
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