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Thank you for volunteering to help lead our CyberClub.
Our chat room is dedicated to helping kids get to know Jesus personally,
and your prayers, participation, patience and personal interest mean a lot.
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To be a teen moderator, you need to be a minimum of 15 years old. This is designed for volunteers who are older than most club members, but perhaps not old enough to take the duties of an adult moderator.
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For the teen moderator designation you do not need to give your full address. It is sufficient to give the city or even one that is close by but in the same general area and time zone.
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Please describe your experience, if any, working with young people, particulary ages 10 to 14.
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The mission of Guide CyberClub is to help young people ages 10-14 get to know Jesus personally an accept Him as Lord and Savior. By submitting this form, you are indicating that you are personally in harmony with the mission of the Guide CyberClub and Guide Magazine, for which the CyberClub provides enhancement. You are further declaring that you want to be of service to Jesus and use your personal influence and involvement for His glory.
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