PrimeroEdge Reviews Training for SFA Related Tasks
Quiz Details:
The following quiz will contain a video and questions related to SFA Related Tasks in the Reviews module in PrimeroEdge.

It is recommended to set aside one (1) hour to complete this quiz.

You must score a 70% or better to receive a certificate of completion. There are an unlimited number of attempts allowed. You will not be able to edit your responses after each submission.

There is 1 video and 4 required questions. The form is divided into sections. You must answer each question before proceeding to the next section.

Once the quiz has begun, it must be completed in order to successfully submit your responses. If you should need to exit the quiz, your responses will not be saved.

After you are finished, you must enter your contact information in order to receive 1 hour of credit for Professional Standard Learning Objectives 2320, 3260. Your responses will not be anonymous.
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