LADOT Resident Travel Survey
The City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation is conducting a Resident Travel Survey to better understand how you travel, how you choose your transportation option(s), and what is most important to you when commuting.
On a typical day, I travel by (check all that apply):
For what purposes do you travel the most?
How many days out of the week, do you travel for this purpose?
On a typical workday, how do you commute? Check all that apply.
If you use transit, bike, bus, walk, vanpool, or carpool, what motivates you to do so?
Is there one particular area that you travel to the most on a particular day or in a typical week? (Check as many that apply)
LADOT Transit is planning a demonstration of a micro transit service that that would pick you up anywhere in the following areas and also drop you off within those areas. Please check off all areas that apply to where you travel.
Would you consider using the micro transit service?
How often do you currently use the Palms Expo Line Station?
How much would you be willing to pay for a micro transit service?
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