Ambassador Information
Ambassador Information


***Getting started you'll choose one FREE piece of jewelry from a select collection. (choices will be sent to you)

* 30% discount code for your personal use
* 15% discount code for your followers

Sales Incentives -

Tier Reward

$100 $15 Gift Card
$250 $25 Gift Card
$500 $35 Gift Card + one free piece of jewelry (your choice)
$1,000+ $50 Gift Card + 15% Commissions

Requirements for Eligibility:

Must live in the United States
18+ years old
500+ followers on Instagram
Active on social media
Loves taking photos
Fashionable and trendy

Ambassador Role Requirements:

1 post on Instagram Feed each month promoting/tagging Novel Boutique & Co.
3 Instagram stories each month promoting Novel Boutique & Co.
2 pictures submitted to Novel Boutique & Co. each month for us to promote our brand on our social media

Thank you in advance for applying for our ambassador program! We will notify you within 14 days after you apply if you are selected, or if we have further questions for you.
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