Kendriya Vidyalaya Masasamund Worksheet in English for IV grade
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Class & Section 4th/B
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Read the text given below and write the answers
Captionless Image
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Who was sleeping quietly under the ground?
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Who watered the seed?
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When does the rainbow come in the sky?
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What grow up through the earth?
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What things are needed to grow a seed into a plant?
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I need a word rhyming with 'round'
I need a word which sounds as 'sprinkle'
want rhyming word word of 'one'
A plant stores its energy in its -----
Roots of a plant grow -------------------
Shoot of the plant grows up through the ---------------
We find a ……………… in the sky when the sun shines and it rains as well. It has seven colours.
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