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Please apply by completing the below information by August 16, 2019. If selected, your organization will be asked to sign a letter of commitment that summarizes the time and travel necessary to complete the program.

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What makes this team a fitting partnership or collaboration? (100 words max)
Is it a shared value set? Audience? Goal? Compatible skill set? A particular project idea suited to your mutual interests, or what?
If you have previous experience working together, tell us about that. (150 words max)
Tell us about the community that you serve. What matters to your greater community? (150 words max)
What other external collaborations have your team members had? What worked and what didn't work about those? (150-250 words)
Describe a community problem that you and/or your partner have tried to address in the past, and what you learned from it. (200-500 words)
What voices are missing in conversations and decision-making in your organization and community? (150-200 words)
A fellowship requires 4 in-person workshops in Potsdam or another central location. Please confirm availability by checking the dates below that all team members can attend.
Travel will be reimbursed and meals provided for each team member.
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