Immigrant Liaison Survey - Student Version
TeachDream, the United Federation of Teachers, the New York State Youth Leadership Council, Teachers Unite, and MORE-UFT ask Chancellor Fariña and the NYC DOE to create an Immigrant Liaison position in every NYC public school. This would be an official role designed to provide resources and support to immigrant students and their families.

As we work to create this position, we want to know what is already being done, and what additional support immigrants student, families, and their teachers could use.

To that end, we ask that you fill out this about your current experiences at a NYC DOE school.


What is your current grade?
What borough is your school in?
What district is your school in? (if you know)
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What is the name of your school?
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What work is being done by your school’s administration to support immigrant students and families? Who is providing this support?
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What kind of support for immigrant students and families would you like to see offered at your school? (for example, college access, Know Your Rights trainings, etc)
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Do you have a Dream Team or immigration rights-focused group for students at your school?
Are you a member of your school's Dream Team or immigration rights-focused group?
Is the work being done to support immigrant students and families helpful to you?
What do you think is the most important support that immigrant students and families are in need of and is not being provided?
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Would you sign a petition requesting an official immigrant liaison who would provide support at your school for immigrant students, families and staff?
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