COVID-19 Temporary Repair Authorization Form
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The video below will walk home and business owners through the steps Kanga Roof is taking to protect them and their employees along with outlining this program.
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Terms and Conditions
By entering my name below I am authorizing Four Seasons Kanga Roof to perform temporary repairs to my home. I understand that by their very nature temporary repairs do not guarantee to stop water from entering my structure. I agree to hold harmless Four Seasons Kanga Roof and their employees should the leak redevelop or new leaks emerge.

Additionally, I understand that Four Seasons Kanga Roof is offering this service to me as a benefit in this time of crisis. I further agree to allow Four Seasons Kanga Roof to return to my home when it is safe to do so to complete the inspection process and present their diagnostic findings. If I fail to do so, I will incur a $407 dispatch fee. As long as I allow Four Seasons Kanga Roof to present their findings, I will not incur any expense.

My signature below will act as my legal authorization for this service and I agree to all terms and conditions.
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