Author DNA Assessment
What are your goals as an author?  Take this simple “Author DNA” assessment.

Check off all the boxes that apply to you. The number of the question coincides with the score it is assigned to(Question 1=1 and 2=2, etc) and below we will assess what level you find yourself as an author.

Rate yourself in these areas:
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Author DNA Assessment
 1. I want to publish this one book and I’m done!
2. I want this book to tell my story and am not concerned about how many copies are sold.
3. I want this book to be available to friends and family and that is enough.
4. I just want someone to publish my book for me.
5.  I want to sell through online distributors like Amazon.
6. I want my book(s) to be in print at physical bookstores.
7. I have a theme (genre) of books that I want to publish.
8.  I am willing to learn in order to make my book successful.
9. I want to publish multiple books.
10.  I have my own company and this book fits into my business plan.
11.  I want to sell to readers all over the world.
12.  I want to make a full-time living as an author.
13.  My definition of success is selling 1000+ copies of my book(s).
14.  I want to win literary prizes and be a part of best seller lists.
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