SUFC Steering Committee Nominations
The Sustainable Urban Forests Coalition (SUFC) is currently accepting nominations for the Steering Committee.


The SUFC Steering Committee is the leadership body that oversees, provides direction to, and sets objectives for the Convener. No organization shall have more than one vote on the Steering Committee. Steering Committee members are elected to two year terms. Nominees must confirm that they are eligible to serve on the Steering Committee and are willing and able to participate in Steering Committee calls and meetings before being placed on the ballot. Slots will be filled by those candidates with the most votes cast by Members (electronic voting is permissible) that are entitled to vote. The Steering Committee shall meet by phone or in person at least once per quarter.

About SUFC:

SUFC is the nation’s only network of nonprofits, businesses, associations, foundations and others working together to advance sound, effective urban forest policy and practices.

Our broad and growing membership represents urban planners, educators, arborists, landscape architects, public works and utility associations, air and water quality experts, foresters, scientists, health professionals, tree care companies, landscape and nursery associations, conservationists and community advocates.

Value Proposition:

SUFC spotlights its members’ programs, convenes forums for member interaction, expands the network of urban and community forest advocates, and fosters communication, the exchange of ideas, and collaboration that promotes resilient urban and community forests. In doing so, SUFC creates a forum that facilitates the exchange of information and collective action among its members and other supporters of urban and community forests. SUFC members and partners join or support SUFC for the unique relationship building and collaborative opportunities it creates.
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