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If you are not yet 18 years old, please give us your date of birth.
Shoe size for Waders. No half-sizes. Waders fit large. Recommend going down from a half-size.
We don't do in-water work until July 1st, but since we are asking questions, if you think that donning some waders might be fun - let us keep your shoe size on record.
Is the shoe size given above based on Women's or Men's sizes
Are you usually available to transport volunteers from meeting spot to cleanup site and back?
If Yes - How many seats do you usually have available for passengers ? No commitment on your part implied here.
4 Cleanups Days in each of Two Watersheds to choose from
We start Cleanups in April but we go every weekend until December - Feel free to sign up for some May dates:
8 Cleanups In May - Two watersheds to choose from
June Cleanups 2018
9 Cleanups In June - Two watersheds to choose from
Cleanups every Saturday and Sunday through December. The rest of the schedule should be up by May 1st.
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