Cam & Ray's 2018 European Tour Extravaganza!
Less us know your level of interest so we can get this thing happening!
Okay, so... my best guess at this stage is that we will go around July 2018 and try to hit Athens, Rome, Florence, Ajaccio and Paris, spending three nights in each location, and a day travelling between them. Which means the total trip will take about 20 days. If you can't get away for that long (I understand Americans don't get the same amount of annual leave as the civilized world), you can come to just some of it, say the Greece and Italy leg. My best guess regarding price at this stage is around $7000 AUD ($5300 USD) for the five days. That includes travel and hotels (twin share unless you're a couple), and some museum entrances, but doesn't include your airfare to and from Europe, or food, booze, hookers and bribing police and judges for getting out of jail. Once we get more accurate numbers, we'll be able to firm up prices. But that's the ballpark. Ray and Cam will be your tour guides for most of the trip - neither of us speak the languages or know much about anything, but we'll learn a few dick jokes in Greek, Italian and French and I'm sure that will be enough. We *do* know how to drink and smoke cigars and have a good time in a hot tub, so that's the real point of the trip. See the sights with Cam and Ray. Trust me, it'll be a hoot. *
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