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Share your employment insights. Meet new immigrants to BC. Join our community of Snapp volunteers to connect with newcomers interested in your field for 1:1 chats! Learn more at

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Important notes:

⭐️ Snapp is a pilot. The program is being tested and we would love your feedback. Depending on the availability and background of participants, we may not be able to accept and match all registrants. We review all applications and will respond in up to 7 days.

⭐️ Snapp runs on email. If you are accepted, Snapp finds a relevant match for you, and you will receive an email introduction to a newcomer. You can select how many email intros you are willing to receive. If you no longer want to participate in this pilot, please let us know by emailing us at

⭐️ Due to COVID-19, all accepted participants are required to conduct meet-ups remotely (via video call or phone call).

⭐️ Your information is confidential, and PeaceGeeks staff are the only ones who will review your data. We won't share your data. You can contact us at to speak directly or request to have your information removed.
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