September 2021 48hr Virtual Music Festival Application
September's 48 HVMF will start Friday, September 24th, at 6pm, and will continue until Saturday, September 25th, at 1am (Sunday morning) with limited non-consecutive hours. Our September partner is Cleveland Rocks: Past, Present, Future. This is a continuation of last month's fundraising partner, attempting to meet our original goal.

Cleveland's 48 Hour Virtual Music Fest began as an online event created to give local performers an opportunity to continue their profession, while also benefiting programs and charities in need of financial support during the early days of pandemic uncertainty. Now in its second year, the festival has become a focal point of pandemic performance and generosity recognized not only across northeast Ohio, but reaching across the country and even globally.
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I hereby acknowledge that prime time spots (4pm-9pm) are limited and acts will be curated/appointed by the organizers to fill these times to maintain a high quality viewing experience. I understand that consistent festival participants and participants with demonstrated high-quality streaming history may receive priority consideration for time assignments. *
Are there any blocks of time that you know you CANNOT perform?
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Please describe your experience with live streaming, including noting any equipment or programs you use to assist.
Please provide your Bandcamp link (if applicable) for additional promotions.
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I hereby acknowledge that the 48 HVMF regularly supports local organizations and charities as part of programming, and agree to participate in promotion of this month's partner (CR:PPF) per programming guidelines, including sharing the fundraiser link each month in my post. *
I understand the Creators/Host of 48 HVMF will make contact by email with instructions on "How to Set Up my Live Stream Post" including "How to Link the Fundraiser Directly to my Live Stream". I agree to respond to the email sent with an acknowledged confirmation of my set time and confirmation that I understand how to support this month's fundraiser in a timely manner. ***Email will be generated from (please add us to your contacts)*** *
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