Children Innovation Festival 2020
Use this form to apply for the Children Innovation Festival 2020, organised jointly by GUSEC with support of UNICEF. The Children Innovation Festival 2020 aims to identify, nurture and support children innovators and their innovations. Applications are invited from children under the age of 18 with innovative ideas. The last date to apply is December 14, 2020.

- Any individual or group of individuals (team) with all individuals under the age of 18
- Only one application per innovator will be considered. Don't submit duplicate entries.
- No participant (applicant or team member) should be in college or have completed class 12th education

For more details please visit,

Ideas will be judged on the innovativeness. Discretion of GUSEC and UNICEF will be final and binding. For any questions or inquiries, please write to us at
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