Request to Staff NYLT and/or Wood Badge
Staffers on a Wood Badge or NYLT course are among the finest Scouters we have. They understand the program. They set a good example. They are among our best trainers. They are cheerful and they help each other. They must be models of Scouting character and leadership. They must be good presenters.

For Adults:

To be eligible, you must have gone to Wood Badge in the current version and have earned your beads.

For Youth:

To be eligible, you must have completed NYLT, have your unit leader recommendation, and pass a staffing interview with the NYLT Scoutmaster and NYLT ASM Program.

Don't hesitate to apply. Course Directors are looking for Scouts and Scouters that are effective trainers and presenters as well as team players.  Each staff member is selected by the course director. Each staffer must be approved by our council and by the Area Director of Boy Scouts of America.

Your request will be kept on file for 3 years from the time of submission or update.
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