CsgoDank.net Sponsor Form
This application is used to collect information regarding a possible partnership between CSGODank and the applicant who fills it out. Keep in mind, there are requirements that must be met. All information on this application should be accurate and written in a serious tone, this application will be used to judge your candidacy for the partnership. Once you have submitted your application, please do not message us on social medias regarding your application, this will result in a possible denial of your application on spot. We love you guys are excited but us checking applications every 5 mins impedes our main task of running a functional site. If we feel you would represent us in a professional manner and we will reach out to you. If we do not reach out to you, this means you we did not see your application to be beneficial at this time, however keep doing what you do and apply again in the future!

This is a very serious note, we do not sponsor or work with anyone under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, you will be denied IMMEDIATELY and further action may be taken. We have rules we have to follow.

List of our requirements:
- Minimum of 400 Subscribers.
- Minimum of 100 Views Per Video.

Currently in search of:
- Streamers
- YouTubers
*Nothing else at this time.*

Things we do not offer in our partnerships:
We do not change/rig odds in favor of our partners, this is a dirty and unfair tactic to the loyal players of the site, and CSGODank will never do this, no matter what or for whom.

Various details will be discussed on how much you will receive in return for your advertisements as well as how many refills you will receive and any other stipulations we may have, thank you in advance!

First and Last name: *
YouTube Channel URL: *
Subscribers Amount: *
Views Per Video On Average: *
Twitter Link?, This is how we will contact you *
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