VCS Form 50 Community Partner Volunteer Needs Request
A form for Community Partner and Government Agencies to express their volunteer needs for roles that could be filled by spontaneous volunteers.

*This form is not for individuals who want to volunteer.* People who volunteer should apply at:
Email address *
First and Last Name: *
The first and last name of the primary contact for the volunteer request.
Job Title *
Organization *
EIN: *
Organization website: *
If the is no associated website please type "No website available".
Contact Phone Number *
Description of Volunteer Opportunity(s) or Need: *
Write a brief description of the volunteer roles or activities, including title of the volunteer roles, skills, requirements, and duties.
Category of Volunteer Opportunity or Need:
How many Volunteers are needed? *
Background check required?
Volunteers matched through HelpColoradoNow have the option of going through a free background check. We are be able to provide information that a volunteer has completed a background check, however only the volunteer themselves are able to share the results of the background check (either online or a paper copy of the results).
Clear selection
Are any Licenses or Certifications required? If so, what?
*Please be advised that the volunteer agency is responsible for verifying all necessary credentials, certifications or licensing necessary for the volunteer position identified.
Start Date: *
The expected date for when the volunteer activities will begin.
End Date:
The expected date for when the volunteer activities will finish. Leave blank if it is an indefinitely ongoing opportunity.
Street Address: *
The location where the volunteer activity will take place. Please note if this is an opportunity that can be done from home.
Postal Code:
(if physical address)
Other Comments or Additional Information:
Please provide any other important or relevant information.
Instructions on How Volunteers to Respond: *
The best way for volunteers to respond, if responding directly to the agency:
A web address and / or phone number for volunteers to respond if volunteers are responding directly to the agency.
For additional questions, information, or assistance please contact:
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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