QHAC Grab N' Go Meal Volunteer Form
Please fill out this form if you are interested in being a volunteer for our Queer Healing Arts Center Grab N' Go Meal Program, in partnership with Just Fare!

We welcome you to apply for multiple positions and days, but feel free to also apply for just one. There are 3 volunteer positions with different time shifts during the week:

1. Receiving the delivery of the meals at the Queer Arts Center in the morning (10am-12pm) Mon-Fri. This will require you to be present in the center for the entire time slot, receive the containers with the meals, and pack them with freezer blocks.

2. Handing out food for pickup at the Queer Arts Center in the afternoon (3-5:30pm). This will require you to be present in the Center for the entire time slot to: hand out meals to community members who come to the Center and to sort/prep the meals for the volunteer delivery drivers, as necessary.

3. Delivering meals to community members in the evening (5:30pm-7pm) Mon-Fri. You must have a valid driver's license, your own car and auto insurance. This will require you to arrive at the Center at 5:30pm to pick up and deliver meals along the route for that day. If you don't have your own car, or require assistance during delivery, we can pair you with another delivery volunteer.

All delivery locations are within Oakland, and you will be given mileage reimbursement based on the standard mileage rate.

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10am-12pm (Receiving food delivery)
3-5:30pm (Handing out meals)
5:30pm-7pm (Driving and delivering meals)
The Queer Arts Center does NOT provide insurance coverage to volunteer drivers. You will have to confirm that you have your own and sign a VOLUNTEER WAIVER & RELEASE OF LIABILITY. DOWNLOAD + SIGN at http://bit.ly/QueerArtsCenterVolunteerWaiver *
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