Memories of Seely Place
Dear Seely Place Alumni,
Seely Place first opened its doors in 1922.  That is coming up on 100 years ago! In celebration of Seely Place's centennial year, we are looking to compile memories from alumni that make Seely Place such a special place in your heart.  We are asking you to write a very short statement telling about a positive memory you have of Seely Place.  Our student council will compile these memories into a montage.  

A few notes:
- We prefer specific, positive moments, feelings or events that tell about something that happened during your time at Seely Place
- These memories should be during your time in school (more specific than just a fond childhood memory)
- We are asking you to include your name and will include that with your memory - we will include your first name with your memory
- Please try to include the approximate date of the memory, the approximate grade you were in at the time of the memory, and the year you graduated from Edgemont or a different high school

**We would love to have a picture of you during your time at Seely Place.  If you have a picture you would like to share, please email it to

Thank you!
-The 2021-2022 Seely Student Council

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