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Starting November 2017, BiTHOUSE GROUP and partners will pop up in various places throughout the world. For example, on specific dates in November and December we will be in Munich as BiTHOUSE WAYRA. This is a joint collaboration between BiTHOUSE GROUP and Wayra Deutschland. Our goal is to collaborate with pre-existing spaces and organizations working on implementing Innovation within their organizations to create environments that offer a psychologically safe space for meeting, working, mentoring and networking. A safe and collaborative space cultivates high performing teams. Our global Innovation PopUp Hubs are intended to be a private membership lounge to foster innovative mind sets and collaboration amongst investors, established entrepreneurs, mentors, corporate executives, and leaders of society and politics. #INFLUENCERS #ChangeAgents

Unlike other co-working or private network concepts, which often focus on startups, independent workers, and/or creatives we assemble a community of members that are established professionals and business leaders looking to align with strategic partners, receive industry specific mentorship, and cultivate creative thought processes wanting to spend time away from their offices. We partner with brands in order to offer unique perks for our members. For more information visit:

The Innovation PopUp Hub® concept of BiTHOUSE GROUP was founded Jewell Sparks the CEO and founder of BiTHOUSE GROUP Inc. BiTHOUSE GROUP Inc is inclusive of the brands: OTGC On the Green Carpet, FashTech Germany, Wearable Tech Couture, Beyond the Music Label Series, AgTech FoodTech Summit, Digital HealthTech Summit, Re:CODE FOOD.

Jewell is a seasoned American business professional and entrepreneur who moved from San Francisco / Silicon Valley to Germany in 2017 to continue her efforts to "Minimize Barriers" to market entry for women, minorities, and innovators as it relates to resources, access to networks, mindsets and collaboration with corporates, governments and communities as the world becomes more digital. She is an ex-scientist turned business strategist and diversity and #inclusionhacker.

You can also just sign up to be a global member of BITHOUSE Innovation PopUp Network here:

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