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This form requires a Google Account to submit. Only one form allowed per email address, however you may edit your membership form after submitting at any time using the link provided on completion.

There is also a paper supplement form to go along with this online application. The liability release (to use tools) and voucher form (for 24/7 access) is still paper based.

Company employees/interns whose membership is paid by your organization, do not fill out this form. Your employer will link you to a separate company membership form.

Email board@allhandsactive.org with any questions.
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Everything you need to know about AHA Membership
Please Do:
•Clean up after yourself, put stuff back where it belongs, this is a shared space, help keep it pretty and usable for everyone!
•Be familiar with the work space safety equipment and Safety page on the AHA Wiki
•Please pay by the first Thursday/Build Night of the month if using cash or card or recurring via PayPal (preferred)!.
•Be willing to verify 24/7 access (opening the exterior door with your key) to any AHA member at closing.
•If you are the last to leave, make sure to follow the closing operations process
Please Don't:
This is not all encompassing, but should give you a basic idea. If you’re unsure, ask!

•No Harassing or Threatening behavior, abusive conduct or speech.
•No illegal drugs, alcohol or illegal weapons (physical or biological).
•Do not duplicate your outside key OR share it. Do everything possible to keep our location secure and safe for all.
•The AHA Makerspace IS NOT a hotel – please consider the shared nature of the space
•The AHA Makerspace IS NOT an after school program for school-age kids.
•Do not leave non-members alone after hours in the space. Even if they’re your friends.
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24 hour access
*We recommend receiving two vouchers before paying for membership, as there is some processing time.

You must fill out the physical form (half sheet of paper) and receive two signatures from current members before you receive an rfid card to access the space.

You must also fill out a liability waiver before using tools.
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