Elementary Greek - Course Feedback Forms
Fall Semester 2018 - GREK001
Professor Hannah Silverblank
Classics Department, Haverford College
Have you been comfortable with the pacing of the course this semester? Do you feel as though it’s going too quickly, too slowly, or just right? If it’s going too quickly, do you think that’s mostly a result of the nature of the Greek language and its complexities, or is it because of the way that Professor Silverblank is presenting the material to you? If the latter, is there anything that Professor S. can do to help make the material more accessible? *
Please comment on the classroom environment in Elementary Greek. Is it welcoming, productive, and fun? Is it intimidating, overwhelming, and confusing? Is it engaging, or boring and repetitive? Professor Silverblank wants to ensure she’s cultivating a productive and welcoming learning environment for everyone, so if you are finding it to be anything other than this, please let her know what could be changed to make the classroom environment more pleasant for you personally. *
Please comment on Professor Silverblank’s efficacy as an instructor. Do you like the way she presents material, asks questions, and answers questions? Do you think the classroom she creates is a productive learning environment, or not? Does she seem interested in your personal engagement and comfort with the material? *
The amount of work expected for this class is: *
How much time do you spend on your Greek homework/studying, on an average day? *
Does the amount of time you spend on Greek on an average day make you feel as though you are prepared for our class? *
How much time do you spend preparing for short morphological or vocabulary quizzes, on average? Do you feel like this amount of time is enough for you to perform well on the quizzes? *
How much time do you spend preparing for tests, on average? What methods do you use to study when you study for tests in this class?
Are you enjoying the material so far? What aspects of the course interest you in particular? *
If you have a question or concern, are you comfortable discussing this with Professor Silverblank? Is she accessible and available to you? Does she seem interested in your individual experience with the course? If not, is there something she could do to improve her accessibility to you / her interest in your individual learning experience?
Are there specific grammatical concepts you think could be more clearly explained? If so, which ones? *
Do you like/use the audio resources for the course (Quizlet’s audio feature, the audio vocabulary recordings, or the voice files for reviewing morphology and charts)? *
Do you like/make use of the video whiteboard recordings made on Professor Silverblank’s iPad? Do you want her to post whiteboard videos of class each day, or only on special request? *
Do you like/benefit from the video whiteboard technology used in class? How does the iPad projection & live annotation system affect your learning experience during class time? *
What classroom activities are most interesting, pleasant, and useful to you? (Select all the ones you enjoy) *
Are there other additional study resources you would like to see incorporated into this class? If so, what would be helpful to your own independent study? *
Do you think you’ll continue taking Greek classes or reading Greek AFTER this academic year is over? Why or why not? *
Please provide any further comments or concerns. Celebration of what’s going right in the course, or constructive criticism geared toward what could be improved, would be VERY much appreciated by Professor Silverblank. *
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