2019 Performer Application for the Denton Community Market
This is the application to perform music on Saturdays, April 6th through November 30th, 2019. Performers are live-streamed each week on DentonRadio.com with video feeds on social media. We are a family-friendly event, and we strive to provide music that is appropriate for a Saturday morning. We do not allow loud drums or loud electric guitars, for instance. Bands or groups with more than 3 members may be considered 'large' and may only be booked on special event Market days. Limited sound equipment and space may restrict the size of bands/groups that can be booked.

Please consider these requirements when applying to perform at the Market.
We generally offer 1-hour time slots between 9AM and 1PM for regular Market days. We provide an hourly stipend, subject to change depending upon funding availability. Sound management by White Noise Productions.

Send questions to: perform@dentonmarket.org

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