CONfabulation 2019 Programming Submissions
Please submit your ideas for programming for CONfabulation 2019. The submission period will run from April 8th through June 30th. You can register to attend CONfabulation 2019 in Chicago at this link:

Need help finalizing your submission idea or want to brainstorm with other fanpeople? Check out this post!

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If your programming is voted onto the schedule, your name will appear in the program. If you do not fill this out, we will use your badge name.
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If this is a multi-fandom idea, let us know if you're planning to discuss any specific fandoms. If this is a single fandom idea, please list that single fandom below. If you have no specific fandom in mind, please note that here as well.
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This title is not set in stone, but if you already know what you'd like to call your programming, please add it here.
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This summary can be as long or as short as you'd like. It will be used for voting purposes, so feel free to be as detailed as possible. If your submission makes it into the schedule, you will be asked to provide a shortened summary for the program.
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Please answer 'yes' to this question if you are submitting a group discussion or workshop you want to run, or a panel you want to be on. If you don't want to moderate your panel, you can select the option for the Programming team to find a moderator for you in the next question.
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Additional participants?
Please provide the usernames of any participants other than yourself. Participants can be added at any time up until the program deadline.
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If you require A/V and your programming is selected, we will contact you at that time regarding your A/V equipment needs.
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CONfabulation welcomes attendees with disabilities. Please share any accommodations you may require to participate fully in this event.
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