Finland Exchange - Volunteer Opportunities
Thanks for your interest in volunteering for the Finland Exchange! Our parent volunteers are what makes this program such a huge success. You can choose to lead a committee, or be a helper along the way - any committment of your time is appreciated!

Please note: volunteers, chairs, and our overall leads receive no compensation, discount, or other "perks" as a result of their hard work on these programs.

We organize our program with committees, some big and some small. These committees focus on fundraising (year round) and planning for the Viikinit visit (in the Spring of 2022.) Each committee has a lead and volunteers.

At this time, some committees need leads and volunteers, and some only need volunteers. Please use this form to let us know your interest in any of these opportunities.

***this is not a full committment, just an indication that you may be interested in helping out***
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Committee Interest
Committee LEAD
Welcome Event Planning
Farewell Event Planning
Dining Out Fundraisers
Bag Bingo
Beef & Beer, Basket Raffle
Golf Tourney
Finland Exchange 2022 Hockey Tournament
Ground Transportation
Day Trips (NYC and Philly)
Hospitality, School Visits, Potlucks
Corporate Sponsorship
Individual / Personal Fundraising (Hockey Mania?)
OPEN - put me where you need me
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