PIMUN Intercon: PRESS TEAM Applications (Director)
Interested in directing the esteemed PIMUN Press Team? This year, Our well-known Inter-connectivity section of committees will be featuring modern conflicts in the Middle East. This is an absolutely wonderful opportunity for the Press Team to interact with committees and to cover all the unique topics and experience PIMUN offers.

Please fill out the form in full. Kindly note that we are looking for an English-Speaking director.

Applications Period: 19/12/2019 - 31/01/2019

For application-related inquiries, please email us at: asg.intercon@pimun.fr

*Please note that we may not be able to provide feedback on your application*
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Relevant Experience (MUN, Press Teams, Writing/Taking Pictures, online portfolio, etc) - please answer in bullet points. We encourage sharing your online portfolio with us, if you wish. This can be a blog or a personal profile/page that showcases your work. If mentioning MUN or other simulation conferences, please write in full in the following format: Conference | Year | Committee | Role *
Why are you applying to direct this year's PIMUN Intercon Press? *
What do you believe is the purpose of a Press Team at an MUN Conference? *
Any other experience or comments you would like to share with us?
Best of luck! Should you have any questions regarding Press Intercon at PIMUN 2020. please email us at: asg.intercon@pimun.fr
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