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Please note that by completing this form, you are signing up to deliveries from us. We will deliver the items that you order on this form at the next available delivery date. You will receive a confirmation email first - please note that this may take a few days if we're busy in the shop.

Here is a link to our Veg Box Subscription policy, where you will find more information about your deliveries and payments:

After completing this form, you will be directed to a confirmation page - please follow the link to the GoCardless and complete the form to set up your Direct Debit.

If you have any questions you'd like to ask before submitting your order, you can contact us by emailing or call us on 0141 423 8685.


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Choose your size of veg box from small to extra large. The larger the box the better the value. You can also choose to add organic foreign additions to your delivery - this will include things which don't grow locally or have a very short local season such as ginger, peppers, aubergines and sweet potatoes.
How many varieties of organic fruit would you like to receive? (£3 per bag of each)
We make up bags of organic fruit to the value of £3 each week. Let us know how many different kinds of fruit bags you would like
Are there and vegetables or fruit you don't want to receive?
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Would you like boxes of our eggs? ( £1.80 per box of 6)
Our organic eggs come from Scotston Farm, Auchterhouse.
Weekly Milk & Drinks (delivery only)
Our non-homogenised diary milk is produced by the Cunningham family, at Mossgiel Farm, Ayrshire, who are currently converting to being organic.
Weekly fresh organic sour-dough bread from Different Bried:
Our bread is baked using organic flour by Andrew on his small holding just outside Glasgow. If you choose the 'surprise me' option you will get a different loaf each week.
Mild Cheddar Cheese Organic (Lye Cross 245g) £3.09 (delivery only)
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Mature Cheddar Cheese Organic (Lye Cross 245g) £3.30 (delivery only)
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250g Organic Salted Butter (Yeo Valley) £2.45 (delivery only)
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250g Organic Un-salted Butter (Yeo Valley) £2.45 (delivery only)
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Tins of Organic Chopped Tomatoes £0.69 (delivery only)
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Are there any other items you would like to have delivered every week? We can deliver anything we sell in the shop.
If you would like to check what we stock give us a call on 0141 328 3303 or email
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Monthly Organic Meat Deliveries: (delivery only, delivered in an insulated box with the 1st delivery of the month)
We source our meat from Peelham Farm and Hugh Grierson. Both are organic and free range farms. Choosing organic meat over standard stuff has a huge positive impact on both animal welfare and the environment. Our value meat box give you more meat for your money by using cheaper cuts.
Monthly local/organic cheese selections: (delivery only, with 2nd delivery of the month)
We source organic and local cheese from Scotland and the rest of the UK. Our favourite dairies include Connage Organic Dairy, High Weald Dairy and Loch Arthur.
Monthly organic pulses, grains and pasta: (delivery only, with 3rd delivery of the month)
Our shop sells over 50 varieties of loose organic dry goods. We can pack and deliver a selection of these each month.
Monthly Treats: (delivery only, with 4th delivery of the month)
Do you have delivery instructions? If you'd like to collect your veg box from our shop, make a note of that here.
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Please let us know if there is anything else you think we should know?
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Would you like to make a donation to our Good Food Fund?
The fund serves local people in desperate need of emergency food with mixed boxes of groceries from Locavore. We use donations to provide food at cost price and receive referrals for help through The Space, a charity in Govanhill.
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