CIVIC Scholars Program - Application
Thanks for your interest in the CIVIC Scholars Program! We're excited to start our recruitment process for the Class of 2020.

The Class of 2020 starts in September 2019, but we like to give enough time to attract a diverse and dynamic pool of candidates. Applying for the Scholars Program consists of 3 steps: 1) submitting this application and your resume, 2) meeting us for an interview, and 3) final selection round. The earlier you submit, the earlier you can reserve your candidacy.

This year, we're accepting applications from Old Dominion University students and students attending Norfolk and Chesapeake campuses of Tidewater Community College. Applicants of freshman, sophomore and junior standing in the 2019-2020 acedemic year are welcome to apply. Unfortunatly we are unable to accept students who will be seniors and will be graduating in the 2019-2020 acedemic.

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About this application:
This application will ask for your general contact and academic information and contains one short essay. Completion will most likely take 10-15 minutes.

The essay response doesn't have to be formal or contain academic sources. Its purpose is to gauge which issues in the Hampton Roads community are important to you.

Here's the prompt:
"Pick one problem that you feel is a pressing issue in the Hampton Roads community. Briefly discuss your experience with this issue and propose a possible solution to the problem."

When is this application due?
This application opens in January of 2019 and will close on the date listed in the email. However, because there are a limited number of open spots in the Scholars Program, a maximum of 50 submissions will be accepted.

To be considered for the program, please submit this application and send your resume to by the date listed in the email or before a total of 50 applications are received.

About the CIVIC Scholars Program
The CIVIC Leadership Institute and Old Dominion University collaborated to create the CIVIC Scholars Program which focuses on civic engagement, professionalism, and leadership. The program seeks to entrench college students in a culture of civic engagement, engage them with issues within their community, develop an understanding of current issues and how to enact change, and prepare them for their careers in the professional world post-graduation. The program runs through the academic year. The program year for Class of 2020will begin in late August of 2019 and run through April 2020.

Members of the CIVIC Scholars Program participate in a opening and closing retreat, monthly programming sessions, community service days and unique class based experiences, which include community impact projects and one-on-one professional mentorships with executives and community leaders.

If you'd like more information on the CIVIC Scholars Program, please visit or You can also send any questions you have to

GPA Expectation
The minimum GPA expectation is a 2.8. However, if you have below a 2.8, you are still welcome to apply. In addition to your application and resume, please send a letter of recommendation from a university or college faculty member to that can speak to your academic merit.
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