Considering Owning a Business?
Being your own boss is something almost everyone would like to do. However, an entrepreneur needs to be ready in a number of ways to take on this challenge. The chances of success early on, depend greatly on one's commitment and experience, as well as their financial position.

The following questionnaire will give a good idea of how ready you are to make the jump to business ownership. Many of the questions are optional and not required. However, filling this out as much as possible will give a more accurate picture.

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Please summarize your work history. How many years have you been in your industry?
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Please tell me your interests, your passions, and your talents. What would you like to do very day when you wake up?
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How many years experience do you have in either business or management?
What is motivating you to look into business ownership? Why now?
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Are you able to spend approx 4hrs per week researching, visiting, and working with a consultant on opportunities?
Is your family aware of your intentions and are they on board with you? Family support is key!
Just about any business requires some investment of your own capital.
How much are you willing/able to invest from your own funds (not including loans or investors)
How do you plan to fund the startup of your business?
Most businesses suggest you have enough funds to support yourself for at least the first 6 months without needing to draw money from the business. Is this something you can handle?
You want to find the right business model that meets your needs and fits your work/life balance.
How involved do you want to be in the daily operations?
What industries are you interested in? Check all that apply.
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