Book Cover Project Questionnaire
Please answer the following items thoroughly to ensure the project meets or exceeds your expectations. Please make sure to complete all these items and send any necessary attachments in an email to
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Name(s) that will appear on the cover
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Image Type *
Requested Deadline *
Give an estimate (or date) of how soon the cover image will be needed. Please note that all efforts will be made to accommodate short-notice projects, but turnaround will depend on current workload and number of editing passes.
Digital Image Size Requirements *
Unless otherwise specified by you, sizes provided will be 4800x3000, 2500x1563, and 640x400 for ebook, 2500x2500 for audiobook, all at 300 dpi resolution. If you need a specific size OTHER than this, please state your requirements. If not, type "STANDARD".
Print Image Size Requirements
If you intend to publish in print, please list which service(s) you will be using, book trim size, paper type, as well as formatted manuscript page count to ensure correct spine width in the cover layout. If interior layout will be completed at a later date, simply list the POD service you'll be using.
Back Cover Text
If a print cover is required, please place the desired text for the back here. Indicate if you prefer the title be repeated on the back or if there is a tag line that will appear at the top. If using reviews, please place them in quotations along with whom the review quote should be attributed to. Text may be checked for typographical errors.
Story Summary *
Please give a summary of the story. Include major characters and events, though revealing the ending is not necessary unless it should be a part of the desired cover image.
Story Inspiration *
What inspired your story? List any music, movies, art, books, or other things that you thought about when writing your tale. What feelings does the book conjure? Does your story have the feel of any particular colors, or ones that are important elements within the book? These items will give a starting point for your cover design.
Font Preferences *
If you have a specific requirement for branding purposes, please indicate that here, and give a website location where the font may be obtained or provide the font file itself in an email attachment or via a file sharing service. Please double check that the chosen font can be used for commercial purposes. If you have no type preference, please indicate as such.
Additional Notes
If you have any additional thoughts, questions, or concerns not addressed above, please place them here.
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