A study on social integration and health
Background and purpose
At the University of Gothenburg, a Masters Project survey study is conducted on how people experience today's society in relation to quality-of-life, mental well-being, and socio-economic conditions.

This request for participation
You are asked to participate because you have Swedish, Arabic, or English as mother tongue or good knowledge in one of the languages and hence have experience and knowledge of life to live in Sweden.
What are the risks?
There is no risk that you will participate in this study.

Are there any benefits?
There are no benefits for you personally to participate in this survey, but it allows us to gain an increased understanding of the life situation of people in Sweden and provides a reference value for our questionnaires.

Data and privacy management
Your responses will be treated so that unauthorized persons will not be able to access them.Responses are registered with a study code and not a personal number, name or any person-identifiable data. The data will be stored safely, locked in fire and anti-theft space, and the code key will be stored separately from data in password protected computers. The management of your data is regulated by GDPR. Personal Information Officer at the University of Gothenburg is Kristina Ullgren, telephone +46 31 786 10 92.

How do I get information about the study's results?
The study's results will be compiled in a Master's thesis, scientific article which can be found through the internet.

Participation is voluntary and you can cancel at any time, without explanation.

Project manager Responsible for data collection
John Chaplin,Associate Professor, Susan Ghalayini. Master's Program in
Gothenburg University Public Health Sciences,
Dep. for Clinical Sciences, University of Gothenburg.

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