USY Operation 54,000: Making a Difference

This year, USY is challenging itself to volunteer for a collective 54,000 hours of volunteer and community service during the 2014 calendar year! This volunteering initiative is our way of increasing the magnitude of the impact that USYers are making on the world. Every hour that a USYer volunteers is not just one hour of assisting a religious school, of cleaning a park, of brightening a sick child's day, or of serving food a food pantry; 54,000 hours combined shows the MASSIVE impact that we are making.

Please log the amount of hours you have volunteered on this form below. Hours of volunteering may include half an hour of making cards for children at a hospital, an hour of visiting elderly at a nursing home, an hour of tutoring someone, two hours of learning about homelessness at a USY/Kadima program, etc.

Thanks for helping us reach towards our goal of 54,000 hours volunteering to "Tikun Olam" -- we are literally repairing the world!

**NEW THIS YEAR**: We are reaching out to our partners across the Conservative movement and asking all Kehillot, Ramah camps, and other institutions to log hours as well!

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