Gays for Pasty 2017 Survey
Please take this "short" survey, your answers will help shape our 2017-18th season.
How long have you been going to GFP's dances?
Here's our dance offerings, which do you go to?
Don't partake
Avoid (don't like)
A lot
Queer Country Social (akas "Lambda Ranch") on Saturdays (or some Sundays)
Dirty Water Saloon (Tuesdays)
Spring Stomp: A Hoedown in P-Town
How many times have you gone in the past year?
If you didn't go to the dances this year, why?
Your answer
What was your first experience (at GFP) like?
Your answer
What lessons do you take?
If you are not going to the lessons, why? What would get you to go?
Your answer
How you rate the following instructors
Not great
Art Sullivan
Beth Aufiero
Bob Sweeney
Kendra Bucklin
Patrick Piazza
Julie Kaufmann
What partner dances do you want to learn (other than two step)? If you don't know, just put "not sure"
Your answer
What two step moves would you like to learn?
Your answer
What do you look for in a line dance?
Your answer
Any comments on the music or DJing?
Your answer
How much would you pay for an hour-long lesson (a.k.a., workshop)?
Tell us what a GFP membership means to you (no wrong answer, even "I don't know".)
Your answer
If we could figure it out, would you pay a monthly subscription to the Saturday Dances and/or Dirty Water Saloon?
We got a sponsor for Stomp this year, which helped a lot. Can you think of any organization, business, or charity we could hit up?
Your answer
Diversity. We'd like to get more diversity in the group. Gender, race, sexual orientation, age... Any suggestions?
Your answer
Our group is run by a bunch of volunteers and we could always use more. How could we entice you to help out?
Your answer
Anything we need to know? Any suggestions?
Your answer
Optional: May we have your name and email in case we want to follow up?
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