BKRT20 Event/Attraction/Business Form(b)
Please fill out this form with the plans you have to participate in the Big Kansas Road Trip, May 7 - 10, 2020 in Brown, Doniphan and Nemaha Counties. The information will be compiled and used in the program guide, website and news releases. NOTE: Business listings will only be included if offering some kind of BKRT special such as discounts, giveaways to BKRT visitors, etc. THE DEADLINE HAS NOW PASSED TO BE LSITED IN THE PROGRAM GUIDE, BUT YOU MAY SUBMIT YOUR INFORMATION TO BE LISTED ON THE WEBSITE UNTIL MAY 1.
NOTE: To send images please remit to WenDee Rowe at wendee@kansassampler.org.
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If this event is a tour, how long will the tour last? (Keep in mind that BKRT visitors will be busy trying to attend many events/attractions. Length of tour should not be more than an hour if possible with 30 minutes being the preferred length.)
Is pre-registration required for your event? If yes, how should they do that?
Is there an admission fee? If so, please list the amount(s).
Is there a maximum number of people that can attend your event? How many?
Restaurants - list one or two of your most popular menu items.
Restaurants - do you take reservations?
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If so, what phone number is the best to call?
Do you offer lodging? Hotel, campground, cabin, room for rent, AirBnB, other? (Lodging for the three counties is posted on the BKRT website. Check the page to find if you are listed. If changes are needed, contact your local committee person or email wendee@kansassampler.org)
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If you offer lodging, how should reservations be made? Phone, website, etc.
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