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These fees are set in order to cover all costs of the band program throughout the school year. Every student/parent is responsible for ensuring these fees are paid in a timely manner. Please refer to the Raider Band Newsletter for information regarding payment deadlines.
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The Orange Park High School Band Director, in partnership with the Band Parents Association, establishes an annual budget for the upcoming school year. The expected number of marching, jazz, concert, percussion ensemble, and fall & winter guard participants is used to determine the band fee for each student's participation in each of these programs. The band fee program has been structured to make the financing of the band program as equitable as possible to all of its members. (Note: Additional itemized fees may apply - please refer to the band website).

The band fees allow the band program to collect the necessary funds required to carry out the projected activities for the next year. This is your financial commitment to the band program. The band fees also allow members to become involved in fundraising to lower their required cash payments. The participating family’s portion of 40% of the net profit earned through certain fundraisers will be applied to the student’s account. This is the program’s commitment back to you. The Band Parents Association schedules fundraisers throughout the year. For the schedule of fundraising events, please refer to the “band website.” Details and/or updates will be posted on the website, and e-mailed. At the same time, if you prefer to pay the fee and not be involved with fundraisers, the Band Fee Program allows this as well. Simply pay the band fees each year and you will not need to get involved in the fundraising activities, but your help is always welcomed. Payments made or fundraising profits in excess of band fees are moved into your “Student Account.” Funds in your “Student Account” may be used to pay other miscellaneous fees, but in no circumstance will they be dispersed back to you in cash.

Band fees are due in full on the annual registration date except for audition based programs such as Winter Guard, and Jazz. Band fee due dates will be provided upon acceptance into these programs. The band fees may be paid in cash, money orders or checks made payable to “Orange Park Raider Band.” (Note: Based on OPHS Policy, only cash, cashier’s checks, money orders or credit cards are accepted from March 1st – June 30th.)

Any requests for refunds must be submitted in writing to the Band Director prior to the conclusion of band camp. Please note that a minimum of $150 and the cost of additional items such as band shoes and concert dress will not be refundable if the order has been placed. In addition, colorguard fees for items ordered specifically for your student will not be refunded (for example, cost of uniform). At the conclusion of band camp, all fees in their entirety are non-refundable. There is no refund for students that are removed from the program by the director.
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