SPIRIT Application 2021
SPIRIT is Blackstone Academy's preferred summer program for student who will be attending BACS.

PLEASE complete this entire application before submitting. Your son/daughter will not be able to attend the program if the application is not complete. Sections like the student contract, waiver, and medical information are absolutely vital to a summer program operations.

The SPIRIT Program
A Fact Sheet For Students and Parents

What is SPIRIT?
SPIRIT is a fun educational program which runs during the summer and continues through the school year. This year will be SPIRIT’s 36th year. Our goal is to get students excited about learning and their futures. We do this by taking students out of the classroom and exposing them to new and different people, places, and ideas. SPIRIT will give you skills that will help you succeed in middle school, junior high, and high school so that you can go on to higher education. SPIRIT is not a summer school and students attend by choice.

Who attends SPIRIT?
SPIRIT is for students who have completed the 7th, 8th, 9th grades in Pawtucket, Central Falls, and Providence who may be thinking about their future and looking for an interesting and stimulating summer experience. Students must be willing to attend five days per week, for six weeks in the summer. Many of our students are members of the College Crusade of Rhode Island.

What Happens In the Summer?
SPIRIT’s summer program will begin on Wednesday, June 30th and last until Thursday, August 5th. Students attend SPIRIT Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. –2:30 p.m. SPIRIT takes place at Blackstone Academy Charter School. Transportation is provided by school buses and vans for Central Falls and Pawtucket students while most Providence students take public buses (RIPTA) to get to SPIRIT. In the morning, students and teachers work together on projects that stress hands-on learning experiences. No grades are given. Students get out of the classroom often, and among other things, learn to interview people, see new places and things, and meet lots of new friends. Students will be writing every day. Past topics have included “The Arts”, “Downtown”, “Investigation” , “Health and Wellness” and many others. While investigating the topic, students may find themselves conducting surveys, making a video, or meeting with city officials. The idea is to have fun while learning new information and sharpening your skills.

Lunch follows the morning session and in the afternoon students can participate in a range of activities such as basketball, dance, drama, computers, cooking, and bowling. There are special days which focus on personal development, careers and the arts. A train trip and exploration of Boston may occur as well as other field trips. There may also be an optional camping trip. By the end of the summer, students have created many new friendships and learned to have a new perspective about the people and places around them.

What Happens During the School Year?
SPIRIT tries to stay in touch with you as much as possible when you return to school. SPIRIT Saturday Academies, trips to colleges, and other get-togethers are held twice per month. We visit all of our students in their schools to see how they are doing and link them with additional services as needed. If you need help in any areas of your life, we will help you to get the assistance you need.

What Makes SPIRIT Successful?
SPIRIT works because students WANT to be there and because the students/staff ratio is only eight to one. Students get a lot of attention and enjoy it.

What Does It Cost?
Each student that is accepted receives a full scholarship to SPIRIT. In other words, the program is FREE. SPIRIT is a host site for the Rhode Island Summer Food Service which provides free lunch to all students.

How Do I Join?
Continue filling out the form below completely (with your parents) and submit before Friday, June 8th. Please submit it right away as spaces are limited.

For More Information Contact: Diego art 401-473-9409 Doc Augusta at 831-0062.
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