2019 Washington DC Dragon Boat Festival Registration Form
If you have more than one team, please register each team individually.
The information on this form will be the only way for the festival organizers to get in contact with you. Please confirm all responses are correct.
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This is the name the announcer will use. Please make it short and to the point.
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If you are registering in the "Youth" division, the classification MUST be Mixed. Please note that Mixed teams are now equal gender for 2018.
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250M races will be completed on Saturday. 500M race are completed on Sunday.
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By checking the box below, I agree to all the terms and conditions of all rules, regulations, and guidelines specified on the Festival Website, and all written and/or electronic communications from the Festival Planning Committee, Festival Organizors, Festival Staff, and their representatives, including actions pertaining to a rain out or festival cancelation due to circumstances beyond the organizers control.
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