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Work Experience
Please answer the following questions in terms of your Programming Experience:
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This refers to finding clients for the company.
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This refers to converting interested clients to contracted clients.
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This refers to converting interested clients to contracted clients.
Platform Experience
Please list the marketing platforms you have the most experience in first and the one you have the least experience in last. If you don't have experience with a specific platform but intend on upskilling while you are freelancing with us, please select it as an option below and indicate your experience as 0.
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List the remaining marketing platforms you have experience with if not included above (in order of most experience to least experience) :
Include the years of experience you have using the platform: E.g. Facebook - 2yrs , Instagram - 1yr , etc
Screening Question
Below are examples of scenarios that you'd be expected to implement, please take note of the time you're spending on this screening section to reference later.
Our company is launching a new web-application that can be used within a specific industry by multiple companies. You need to create a marketing campaign to generate buzz and interest. Describe the steps you would take to develop and execute this campaign.
Your marketing budget has been reduced. You need to prioritize your efforts to maximize ROI. How would you determine which channels and campaigns to prioritize and which ones to scale back on?
You've found a potential client who seems interested but has expressed concerns about our services and prices. How would you handle this situation to close the deal?
A potential client has asked to provide more information about our services which you do not have. How would you proceed with the discussion and how would you prevent this situation from happening again? *
After a month, our company requests feedback on your marketing efforts to analyse your progress. How would you relay the feedback of your marketing campaigns, targeted audiences and strategy improvements? *
It's your first day on the job, what are the first steps you would take as an individual to prepare for the following month of marketing and sales?  *
Prepare a sales script/message that you would use when making contact with potential clients for the first time. *
How long did it take you, in minutes, to complete this screening section? 
Provide us with references of previous/current companies you are doing marketing for. 
E.g. Tech Genius (Business) - Maarten Kruger (Contact Person) - 021 858 2019 (Contact Number) - 1 Year (Reference Experience)
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