West Sider of the Year 2021 Nomination Form
The spirit of this award is to honor those who work collaboratively in community with dedication to the values of the West Side.

Nominations must be received no later than September 24th at 6:00 pm to be included in the voting.
The West Sider of the Year is selected from the pool of nominations by the WSCO board.

The West Sider of the Year is awarded annually by WSCO (West Side Community Organization) to a West Side resident. Past recipients have:
-- worked with other residents on behalf of the West Side
-- regularly volunteered on the West Side or to the benefit of West Side residents
-- provided significant leadership on a major issue or activity during the past year (or, over a series of years)
-- made valuable contributions to the West Side

The 2021 West Sider of the Year will be announced at WSCO's Annual Meeting, held virtually on November 9th.

BEFORE YOU NOMINATE, please observe the following rules:
-- past recipients are not eligible to receive the award
-- current WSCO staff and board members are not eligible to receive the award
-- the award is given to an individual, not an organization or business

For questions please contact WSCO Administrator Mayra Avila at mayra@wsco.org

Past Recipients Include:

1977 Elaine Saline
1978 Frank Rodriguez
1979 Judy Schaughnessy
1980 Peggy Foster
1981 Ralph Brown
1982 Herb Dalglish
1983 Jim Scheibel
1984 Bill Kuehn
1985 Harlan Barry
1986 West Side Church Community
1987 Sister Giovanni
1988 Marjorie Neihart
1989 Betty Greencrow
1990 Thor Nielsen
1991 Fr. Steve Adrian
1992 Gilbert De La O
1993 Patti Tototzintle
1994 Don Luna
1995 Florine Frishckorn
1996 Isabel Chanslor
1997 Don Demarest
1998 Irene Josephs, Gene Josephs, & David Valazquez
1999 Dorothy Newcomb
2000 Madlyn Nocolay
2001 Brian Miller
2002 Pang Lee & Long Vang
2003 Sheila Wood
2004 Ella Thayer
2005 Anne Hunt
2006 Carol Swenson
2007 Craig David
2008 Catalina (Cat) Adamez-Smith and Adele (Dee Dee) Adamez-Randle
2009 Hokan Miller
2010 Maureen Hark, Debbie Luna
2011 Jon Kerr, Grit Youngquist
2012 Gjerry Berquist
2013 Don Oberdorfer
2014 Jackie Borgan
2015 Rev. Tim Johnson
2016 Jalil Shabazz
2017 Tania Galaviz De Espinoza
2018 Katrina Mendoza
2019 Cha-Cho Estrada
2021 Maria McNamara & Jesus Ramirez
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