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If you missed the Youth Leadership Summit, please complete and submit NO LATER than October 17th. Failure to complete this assignment will result in probationary status.
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Read the articles and answer the questions below. Please answer in at least 3 COMPLETE sentences.
Why is it important to make connections with those you are working with?
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Is there a way to establish healthy competition? How?
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Why are good listening skills necessary for academic success?
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As part of the Youth Leadership Summit, the Class of 2021 attended a break-out session called Getting the Jump on Community Involvement. In this session. Your peers heard a representative from US Fund for UNICEF speak about community service and the link between volunteerism and advocacy. Please complete the following questions.

Visit www.unicefusa.org to complete the following.

What is UNICEF, what do they do, and what are ways you can get involved? (Please write at least 5 sentences)
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Define indirect service and direct service. Which one is considered volunteerism and which one is considered advocacy?
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List a service project you have completed in the past 6 months. Was this direct or indirect service? How? (Please list the project and organization)
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